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About Dabble Extracts


Dabble Extracts is a hash processing services company based in Colorado that specializes in wax and shatter production. Originally founded to meet the growing need for high-quality medicinal marijuana in Southern Colorado, we work with dispensaries to process the cannabis buds and trim into exceptional shatter or wax, both of which are forms of extracts used for dabbing.

Dabble Extracts

Our products allow medical patients suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses or injuries to receive the pain relief they need in a more effective and immediate fashion. Our concentrated products deliver more potent and immediate results when used properly.

What goes into our production process? Our ETL listed closed loop system extraction system as well as our refined process enables us to retain a maximum amount of the powerful chemical compounds and Terpenes, while eliminating any remaining solvents through the use laboratory grade vacuum ovens. The entire process is conducted in our state-of-the art facility by some of the best technicians in the business. Our resulting product is of the highest purity, and is the reason our company continues to thrive as one of the top hash processors on the market.

In addition, the wide variety of unique flavors and aromas we produce has made our product even more popular among customers who are looking for a product that doesn’t just provide the desired effects, but also an enjoyable experience.

Our high-demand products, such as our widely-praised Death Star wax and Super Lemon Haze shatter, can be found in over twenty regional dispensaries throughout Colorado. Find a full list of our current partner dispensaries here.

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